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The Giraffe - A provocative dance position assumed by the female (typically) standing with legs splayed, hands to the floor and head up like 'a giraffe'. Sometimes used to describe a female bent submissively over a mirror or line of powdered substance.
Example "Look at that girl dancing like crazy and wooow now she's doing the giraffe".

Example "She had her head buried in the plate like a giraffe".
#gaff #girrafe #girraffe #do the giraffe #giraffing
by Pumpa Pumpa Pumpa February 01, 2012
when someone with over sized balls, but with a normal sized johnson flashes someone when they aren't expecting it and that person isn't spooked about being flashed he's just curious why his balls are so big
my buddy gave me the giraffe the other day, I was confused on why his balls are so big!
#the goat #the brain #the blackhole #salty pirate #salty ninja
by wellimmiked February 08, 2010
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