A Pokemon obsess girl with a pikachu fetish on Gaiaonline.com. She is a reg in the GD (General Discussion forum) and is often making dumb threads either about her day or something about her porn star cat who she wishes to marry. She is never picdrop or flammed in the GD because she does not show her face in her sig (uses jacket to hide face), instead her sig consist of pictures of her in her Pikachu jacket; along with a pokemon theme such as a pokeball. People in the GD community knows her as the "Pikachu Girl". Everything about her and her post style is about pokemon. Also she will jump on your dick if you say "Pokeman".
Rate above you thread:

Gder: Omg!!! I love your jacket! Pokemon is epic
But you should show your face or something..

The Gd Wild Pikachu: Never! DX
by rainbowbottoms October 03, 2009

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