2 or more guys slapping their wieners across the face of a girl laying on the bed with her head hanging off.
My 10 friends and I gave Jill the Gauntlet last night...She had many mushroom tattoos on her face.
by Josie Domer September 28, 2006
Top Definition
The Gauntlet is a Student Rental House in Mt. Pleasant MI. It is famous for Great College Parties, and is considered the most popular Student House at Central Michigan University
Are there any parties this weekend at CMU?
Yea, I hear the The Gauntlet is having a party.
by Juan E. January 24, 2013
An epic event, in which you and several friends each drink a twelve pack of beer, smoke a dub of weed, and eat a large pizza. You can stop one and start another task at any time, as long as they all are finished. When everyone is done, you all complete a 1000 piece puzzle together.
John: What are you doing tonight?

Steve: I don't know, I just moved into my apartment, and all I have is a 24 pack of beer, 4 grams of weed, a 1000 piece puzzle and some pizza coupons.

John: Well....wanna go see a movie?

Steve: Where the wild things are looks pretty badass.

Carl: Wait, you guys could do the gauntlet!

John and Steve: What's that?

Carl explains, then John and Steve both jizz their pants
by Pearljammers October 26, 2009
A drinking game where cards are placed face down in a diamond formation 1-2-3-2-1. Participants turn over the cards at one end, then selecting a card from the next row and so on until they complete the gauntlet. If a player pulls a face card they drink. 1,2,3 & 4 fingers of their drink for pulling a J,Q,K & A respectively. The cards that have been turned over are then replaced with face down cards from the deck and they must start again. The gauntlet is only completed when a player makes a clean run i.e. goes through all rows without picking a face card.
dude Tom Jones just ran the perfect gauntlet' or 'did you hear, Steve Morrell has never completed the gauntlet
by MexicanHalloween February 24, 2011
A clandestine drinking contest where a number of participants choose to insert their fist into their rectum before proceeding to hop down a bartop. Anywhere from nine to twenty shots are evenly spaced along the bar. The contestant must drink each shot without spilling liquor or removing the fist. This can continue for subsequent rounds, with the number of shots decreasing, and the space between each shot increasing, until a clear winner has been determined.
Hey, did you hear The Gauntlet will be at Hillbilly Billy's this Friday?
by Dishpan Sam April 06, 2010
Compared to the other pussy versions of the Gauntlet, this version involves teams of four with two guys and two girls. The Gauntlet is extremely similar to other definitions cept at NU, it involves drinking a fifth of smirnoff, a 30-rack, two j's, a large pizza, and finally finishing an 100-piece puzzle, all in that order.
Students gather in groups of four to compete in a drinking/smoking game known as the Gauntlet.
by ACC92 January 15, 2012
a high level drinking/drug game, commonly played by college students. first you take a hit off of a bong, then you chug a can of beer without exhaling, then after drinking the beer you exhale the smoke out of your nose and crunch the can on your forehead.
dude how high are you, and how'd you get that bruise on your head? Man im so high.... but last night i did the gauntlet!
by pyrophalanx27 May 24, 2007
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