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noun. crazy compulsive blanking
person X: heloooooooo
person Y: .
person X: u ayt?
person Y: .

(tumbleweed blows in the wind)

person X: dnt do "The Gary" on meeee!
by ash April 10, 2005
3 7
Another term for a "butthole". First refrenced in South Park as the name of Oprah's rectum.
Dude, WTF is smells like a "Gary" in here.

Your pissing me off, I'm gonna kick you right in "The Gary"

The other day I was too busy porking my wife's "Gary" that I forgot to pay my rent.
by TheGaryMan January 01, 2013
6 1
when somebody is very very fat
1)dude that guy is "the gary"

2)im not inviting him he is "the gary"

3)that guy is the biggest "the gary" i know!!
by that guy gfhj May 18, 2007
0 5