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A Norwegian band formed in February 2003. The "G" stands for "Gamecube", the "X" stands for "Xbox" and the "P" stands for "Playstation. Original members: Harald (Vocals, bass), Daniel (bass and drums) and Fredrik (guitars, drums). The drummer, Ali, joined after a few weeks, but quit after a while. They were all around the age of 14.
They had a hit single with the song "Kjempedvergen" ("The Giant Dwarf"), and they also made a video for this song. They band stopped playing together in early 2004.
"Probably one of the shittiest bands in history" as the lead singer once said.
The GXP Starheroes - "Kjempedvergen" ("The Giant Dwarf")


"You can be a giant, you can be a dwarf
Together we will rise to heaven above
Life sucks
But we have each other
The morale is easy
I have a lot of fat"
by Mr. X49 January 27, 2006

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