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Tactic commonly used by those with no friends, low self-esteem, and large noses; strategy used to lure females by displaying an extreme sense of homosexuality; fashion in which one wears 20 undershirts and a white button shirt, or most commonly any turtleneck
Fred is acting quite strangely to that group of women; it is likely he is attempting to use GMT on them
by Sh0rty March 27, 2003
The act of faking out girls by acting like you are attracted to men, only to lure them into a false sence of security and take advantage of them. Can be used as a noun (Look at GMT, what a prick.) Verb (He GMT'd that girl.)or Adj (Nice work GMT Man.)
He finally got what he deserved after working years of GMT when all his friends deserted him.
by Every1hatesPosto April 17, 2003
1) luring girls into a false sense of security by acting feminine around them.
2) one with a very crooked large nose who is associated with a sneak, quisling, faggot, cunt, bitch, woman, pussy, liar, loner
3) a person who also acquires herpes and crabs from faggots in the GMT circle (San Fransico)and spreads the STD's to fellow herpee-ridlled vaginas when there drunk and least expect it...
Gee, that no-good, waste of life, homosexual loner is working GMT on that girl...oh well, working GMT on that girl, who sees his ugliness, doesnt make up for having no friends in high school.
by Sh0rty March 30, 2003
Luring girls into a false sense of security by acting feminine around them. Then, when they least expect it, get them drunk and stick your penis in their herpee-riddled vagina.
Posto may have sex as a result of excessive gmt, but we got the last laugh, when his fresh case of herpees inflamed causing the itchiest crotch ever!
by Bob Ronkin March 28, 2003
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