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The Top Cat, Gangster, Gentleman, International Playboy, Hustler, Player, Pimp
That guy Michael is The G! He gets all the girls, has a fat crib and a fat pocket!
#the top cat #gangster #the g manifesto #gentleman #international playboy #g manifesto certified #hustler #player #pimp
by Steve 1414 October 03, 2007
Shortened term for the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Who's playing at the 'G tonight?
by GMPC September 15, 2005
In Australia "the G" refers to The Melbourne Cricket Ground or the MCG, where most of Melbournes biggest sporting events are held.
bogan no. 1: "ay dazza, where are bombers playing the pies tonight?
bogan no. 2: "i think its at the G"
#melbourne cricket ground #mcg #the g #jolimont #richmond
by rubz August 02, 2006
Godly being. the closest thing to an immortal known to man
The G is amazing
by God himself November 28, 2003
The absence of one's knees due to lack of tapering in the mid to lower leg. Similar to cankles but applies to the entire leg region.
"I wonder where they buy pants to fit on those Thegs!"
#fat legs #thundertheigs #treetrunk legs #also see: cankles #thutt
by BACS April 04, 2006
To involve oneself in a round of golf.
"We're going to go play the G."
#golf #g #playing g #a round of g #g balls
by The G Master October 20, 2006
As in: the shit, the bomb, the man etc.
Can also be queerly associated with gettin a G grade in a school report- often indicating they are a geek.
"Who's the G?"
"I'm the G!"
"no, I AM!" or some such
by PointlessObserver March 24, 2004
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