fury, The Fear

Diarrhea. Specifically the diarrhea brought about from eating a meal containing large amounts of curry. Thus: The Curry Fury.

3 stages of The Curry Fury:

1) The Curry Worry - meal has been consumed, digestion is in process and you start to plan your escape.
2) The Cury Hurry - digestion is in its final stages, you stand, you run, you panic.
3) The Cury Flurry - at last! the evil, combustible waste is expelled at never-before-seen fiery velocity... hopefully into the intended, flushable container
Oh my god. I just ate at Chopstix in Gainesville, Florida. Dude. I've got The Fury.
by Eazy Cheez January 07, 2004
Top Definition
The Fury is a member of the Cobra Unit. After World War II, he went up into space as a cosmonaut in an unofficial mission. During reentry, there was an accident that caused him to have severe burns all over his body. During the Cold War, he regroups with The Boss and the rest of the Cobras.

The Fury wears a modified space suit. It is designed to resist extreme temperatures. His flamethrower, unlike other flamethrowers, uses rocket fuel. He has a rocket pack that allows him to fly.
I am The Fury! The flames of my rage will incinerate you! A great and terrible fury at being alive!
by The Fury January 04, 2005
Current a concept character for Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater.

The Fury is this ex-cosmonaut who is equipped with a flamethrower. His body was severely burned in space, possibly be reentry, and thus his body is incapable of having any senses.
"The Fury sounds like a kick-ass enemy for MGS3. He's my favorite of "the The's" as I call'em. lol "
by Dave September 13, 2004
a distinct and powerful phenomenon that emerges from the bowels of a person's being when he/she is overcome by annoyence, frustration, or just sheep pissed-offedness. It is characterized by a rise in temperature, a surge in adreniline, and the incomprehensible desire to destroy anything and everything within a two mile radius, preferibly in a terrifying and disturbing manner. (Not to be confused with PMS)
As Jimmy was bombarded with a frechfry for the fourth and final time, he lost herself to the fury. Before the police arrived, he had disemboweled unfortunate Kevin and 43 other freshmen using a spork he had snaged at lunch.
by Nobody Everyman April 02, 2005
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