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It's a very classy skewering of the anus in such a way that it represents an expression of property. It is a sodomy using not penile insertion, but instead, each gambet giver has their own totem. And they design the totems personally, increasing in glamour, decoration, and detail as affluence grows with the holder of the totem.

The Gambet actually started in French Colonized Africa by the natives in The 18th Century. It was discovered by the French Colonizers and word spread quickly to France and the trend grew quickly in the bourgeoise and elites in France.
François: "Hey, baby. Would you like to see my totem?!"
Zoë: "The French Gambet (gahm-BAY) ?! That's a big step!"
François: "I know, baby. I know."
by SuperKryssie June 09, 2013