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The Act of Swindling and Deceiving Feeble Minded Individuals using ONLY Deceitful Maneuvering, and Shady Tactics. Also referred to as "The Double Dip", The Frazier Finagle can only be Accomplished by Continuously staying 1 step ahead of the Swindled, all the while appearing to be 1 or more steps behind...unbeknownst to all others, not only have you secured a significantly larger earnings for yourself, you have also Raped and Defiled the innocence and purity of a Gullible yet FAR inferior opponent and or Foe
"That Racist Joke Couldnt have come at a better time, not only did he Pay for our entire dinner that night but he continued to appologize all night ultimately ending with him Bribing me with Those Tickets for the Packers Game that are Sold out. Funny Thing is im not Even Black, Chalk one Up to The Frazier Finagle"

Im Broke From Spending all My Money on Drugs buts if i act sad Cause my Grandma is in the Hospital and play it like i dont Feel like Going out The Frazier Finagle Should should force my friends into getting me Drunk with there money and feeling good about themselves for doing so
by Fatty Deuce December 14, 2011
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