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A small but ever present cult fabricated by three excruciatingly ratchet and thirsty individuals. The idea was first sparked by "Your Fratchetness the President", as name suggests, the founder of the Fratchet Nation. The Fratchet is currently run by four individuals who are known as "The Four Hoezmen".

The Fratchet is devoted to no single diety for the beliefs of The Fratchet constantly fluctuates yet even during times peril, the ratchet still remains is ever present.

The Fratchet first came into existence on the heart of what is now known as "The Fratchet Nation" during a dull lecture held by a potions professor whom goes by Professor Webster. The lecture hall is currently run by a dark witch with bad weave.

The Fratchet holds no official religious symbols or official written scriptures. Most of the cults beliefs are presented orally in expressive story telling or just straight smack talk.

The Fratchet holds no official standards in admissions, dress code, times of prayer, etc. But even a low quality cult as The Fratchet holds some moral expectations:

1. One must not make it a habit to "talk shit" about others who are not a part of The Fratchet.
2. One must be comfortable to "talk shit" about onself.
3. One must partake in the frequent slander exchanged amongst all and only members of The Fratchet.
"I shall step on this grass to show my respects toward our people. May The Fratchet live on!"

"Bitch. No. Step away from the greens. Are you even real!?"
by Rosir May 16, 2014

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