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one question: who would want to hang out there? that place is for emo cutters and goths who have no life. the drinks are overpriced the owner creeps, its just not the place to be. my advice? dont get caugt in those inky black walls like a like a fly in a spiders web, so don't go!!!
Carla: ever been to the fountainhead cafe?
Joe: no.
Carla: good!
Cloe: i have!
Carla: omg then get away from me!!
by haters_make_me_famous<3 May 01, 2010
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The coolest cafe in Western P.A. If you live or are every in Monaca, P.A. you need to go there. All the cool kids go there. And its the only place in Western P.A. where you can buy a whore.
The Fountainhead Cafe is the coolest place in the little town of Monaca.
by Billybobjoefriend April 12, 2010

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