The Fonz is the Act of undoing a girl's bra in under one second..
The was not only impressed with my car and house but she loved the Fonz the best
by Dave Buttox May 05, 2004
A.K.A Arthur Fonzarelli A.K.A The Big Thumbs Up

Notorious child rapist who plagued the greater Milwaukee area in the 1950's. 'Fonzie' generally targeted teemage highschool girls,who he seduced and or drugged their milkshakes before taking them back to his garage or his small surburban dwelling. Once there he was purported to force himself on the girls violently, with any resistance being met with a forceful 'Aaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!' or 'I'm the Fonz' or most luridly 'Sit On It.'
Fonzarelli despite being clearly in his late thirtieswhen he began and early forties by the time he was apprehended apparently had little difficulty blending in and wore a leather jacket and jeans.
When he was apprehended his shocked landlord a Mrs.Marion Cunningham said she was shocked and that 'he was such a nice quiet boy.' The Fonz is currently serving fourteen straight twenty year jail terms forhis crimes.
Teenage girl: But I don't want to touch that part of you Fonzie.
The Fonz:Aaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!Sit on it, I'm The Fonz.
#kiddie fiddler #aaaaaayyyyyyyyyy #fonzie #milwaukee #perv
by StudsTurkel September 25, 2007
AKA Brian's line: Heeeeeeeeey..there's gunna be mad alcohol..
Brian: yo wanna come my this party? there's gunna be mad alcohol.
Justine: Umm...loser?
by J 0 K A February 22, 2005
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