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The Future of Golf, aka Nish, aka Nick Ouellette from Beachwood, NJ
Wow look at the FoG drive that par 4 in one and tap in for eagle, he truly is the future of golf.
by ocaura December 16, 2011
A term referring to dating a girl or falling for a girl and only seeing the good in her. A girl’s greatest weapon against men. The target is unable to clearly see the woman for what she is. Doesn't affect friends of the target.
Sam was under THE FOG which is why he didn't realize how much of a horrible person Emily was.
by NuclearBlueHair June 17, 2014
teacher that is reasonably detached from students, but manages to be a good teacher, and crack a few inconspicious jokes. Derived from my teacher, Mr. Fogarasi
Mrs. Appleton is the fog!
by Mars November 09, 2003
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