A large group of moppy headed skateboarders who wear hoodies and the leader of the flock is Pat Miller.
To be a member of the flock you must meet the following criteria:
1. moppy hair
2. hoodie
3. skateboard
4. birdish code name
Krooked Flyer is a memeber of The Flock SHABOYA!!!!!!
by sheridan December 02, 2003
Top Definition
The combined group of all modern children. The only way to not be part of this identical circle is to express opinions and ideas of the past (dated at least circa 1969).
You're a member of The Flock

Owning a classic car separates you from The Flock
by Thepseudomang August 13, 2009
they make the demo boyz look like pussys, they don't lie about doing drugs or getting girls, pretty muck really badass birds. They fly as a flock. And whats a goon to a flock?
badass hawks, penguens, male strippers, The flock
by Vbsid April 06, 2010
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