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the middle finger, the bird, flipping off, it's an obscene gesture used in the United States of America and Canada. It means basically "fuck you".
I got gas at a Sunoco station and as I drove around a corner there were stupid soccer moms holding up signs to support a school district levy set up by a bunch of greedy-ass corrupt asshole pukes who never gave the tax levy money to the schools that needed it - (during all the years I was in school we NEVER got any new updated textbooks until my senior year!). The school board is always crying for more dough and when they get it they boost their salaries. I gave those manipulative bastards the Finger Award as I drove on by. There were some propped-up children on the grass holding up some propaganda signs as well - that's child exploitation! That's wrong.
by I'm Alive May 17, 2009

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