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The fourth book in the Bloodlines series, written by none other than Richelle Mead. The Bloodlines series is a spin off from the Vampire Academy series where the not so main character (Sydney Sage) becomes the main character. Bloodlines settings are still based in the Vampire Academy world and continues to include old and new characters of the Vampire Academy series. The Fiery Heart is said to be the steamiest novel in the Bloodlines series, think of 'Shadow Kissed' (Vampire Academy) and times that by 7 steamy.
George -"Have you read the Vampire Academy books yet?"
Roger - "Sure have, in fact I'm even up to date with the Bloodline series!"
George - "Me too! I'm waiting for The Fiery Heart!"
Roger - "I bet The Fiery Heart will be heaps better than Shadow Kissed!"
by BatmanWithADeepVoice August 11, 2013
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