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The field is the nickname given to springfield mass from its urban youth.
Nicca #1: Nicca where u from?
Nicca #2: Im from the field homie 413 in the buildin!
Nicca #3: No doubt mah nicca, rep ur hood
by Bigga Bonez November 01, 2006
11 13
That place the military sends your significant other where s/he can't use a cellphone.
See also, loneliness, boredom, fatigue, or frustration.
Boyfriend: I'm going to the field this week. I'll be back on Wednesday.
Girlfriend: Hello, vodka. You're my only real friend.
by littled November 18, 2007
20 5
Bakersfield, CA
"I'm a visit the homeboy. He stay out in the field."
by Nokane November 20, 2009
3 1
Another name for plainfield, new jersey.
The party down in the fields was bangin.
by Killa Man man man January 26, 2006
6 4
plainfield, new jersey
A:where u from?
B:the field ma ni99 reppn dat 908 all dai errdai
by reppin dat 908 July 10, 2008
4 5
A plantation such as Blockbuster where the cotton is picked to feed the need of the master...
Sigh what a shift in the fields, the master is really pushing us hard we needs to escape using the underground rail road....
by Cotton Picker May 12, 2007
3 6
The nickname of Linfield College located in Mcminnville, OR.
Im goin back to The Field for homecoming.
by Mr. G unit November 28, 2009
4 8