A lude act of sexual intercourse between a brother and sister and a 3rd party, where as the 3rd (usally mother or father sometimes a cousin) party defecates on either the brother or the sister in question and begins to massage it into 1 or both parties.
Hey is that Jason?
Yea I heard hes in "The Family Business"
by Moosetracks TFB September 01, 2007
Top Definition
The best guild on the World of Warcraft server Burning Blade. It is awesome and will blow you away with its awesome awesomeness. Also, it is home to the best warrior on Burning Blade...Enst. Enst cannot be stopped. Enst WILL devour you whole.
Hey whats the best guild on Burning Blade?
The Family Business of course. Who else?
by Moosetracks TFB. September 11, 2007
A family organized sexual act.

To take part in a "Family Business" you need the following:

-A family must contain a son, daughter, mother, and a father. However, there are exceptions to the rule that can sometimes allow the family to be smaller to take part in a Family Business.

(The family needs to contain at least 4 members and all must be genetically related.)
Me and brother Ken and sister Jen along with Mother and Father went over to a little girl on the street and brutally gave her the The Family Business by sticking Ken's penis inside the little girl's mouth, and rubbing Jen's vagina up and down all over the back of the head of the little girl.
by Jack Remmington September 01, 2007
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