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Not to be confused with the First Baptist Church, the Fonk Brey Crew is the group of people attempting to spread the Fonk Brey Movement to the world. The group originally started in the town of Cleveland, Tn. The group's major hobbies include drinking, Fonking Brey, drinking, being awesome, outdrinking everyone, telling everyone that Brey is in fact nothing but a bitch, and drinking yet some more. Ranks in the FBC are given out to senior members of the group based upon their tenure in the art of Brey Fonking, amount of time being friends with other senior members, and alcohol tolerance.
What the hell happened to this brand new keg of Killian's? The FBC came in for lunch.

How do you identify an FBC member's car in a crowd? It has Fonk brey written on the back.

Who on Earth is Brey? That bitch that the FBC fonks.
by Rear Admiral Fizzbitch Fonk March 05, 2009

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