Can I hold some ends and pay you back next week?

Some people shoot their mothers for the ends.
#money #ends #everlast #cash #dollars #dollaz #billz #bills
by Fonda Vegetable March 31, 2011
A radio station in Sacramento, CA where a bunch of idiots from the morning show killed a woman by making her drink too much water.
The End was a shitty station, and I am glad that it is off the air.
#water #kill #crap #morning #radio
by evil6x3 January 22, 2007
ridiculously talanted emcee
fuck i wuz just at that THE END show and he was rippin frees so fuckin hard i pissed myself
by witnessmee October 10, 2003
A kickin' rad heavy metal band from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. They won Best Metal Album in 2001 from the Canadian Independant Music Awards for their debut album "Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient". Their website is, and if you're a fan of bands like Dillenger Escape Plan, you should check em out some time.
Man, The End was kickin' rad on stage last night!
by Xizor Argus May 04, 2004
The two infamous words used to represent a conclusion. Sometimes. Pronounced "thuh end" by retards.
"In second grade I said 'thee end' and I was in a conflict with someone saying that it's really pronounced 'thuh end'."
by Dave June 14, 2004
the only alternative rock station in Southern North Carolina except for 93.3 (the planet), which barely comes in, and 99.7 (the fox), the classic rock station.
It is played on 106.5
The end isnt as good as the planet, but it still rocks.
by Ka September 26, 2004
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