The song title of a Beatles song.
"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"
by duds August 15, 2005
1. When You're Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain, and all the children are insane, my beautiful friend.

2. You suddenly realize what a cocksucker you've been, pull your head out of your ass and chop it off to do society a favor.
"Oh shit, I'm a philosophy Major!"
by Fenian_Devil December 27, 2004
The name of Lemony Snicket's 13th book.
Thanks for your time. The end.
#the boss #the fury #the pain #the #end
by Some idiot who thinks you are gay October 07, 2006
A way to settle an argument by which you come out as the victor. Allowing your verbal sparring partner to realise that no matter what they think, you are actually not bothered. You are right, they need to stop talking. It's over. They've lost. Why go on?
"Smoking Soverigns mare you look cool"

"You are retared. Marlborough Light Menthols are clearly where it's at. They're all white, and go with my iPod"

"But Soverigns are cheaper"

"And they taste like shit. The End."
by Matthew McSherry October 02, 2004
A complete stop of every activity which you are currently involved in, usually leads to interesting disscussion about the topics on hand.
No, it's time for The End.
by nimpercent June 20, 2004
Used predominantly in Greater London to mean the area in which you live/are from (usually linked to your postcode).
'He's not from the ends' - he is not from the same area as we are
#hometown #yard #endz #road #roadman
by baesus December 28, 2014
using this phrase at the end of a text message stating that you no longer want to continue to text
(annoying person): hey wat r u doinn.?

(me):nothing... THE END.!!!!

(annoying person): silent
#text #i.m #email #myspace #facebook
by sally lemons&mary samples April 15, 2011
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