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Whilst receiving a blow job, on the verge of ejaculation pull back on your woman's head with one hand and press down on your johnson with the other. After lining up her chin with the projected path of recoil.. release. The spring-loaded wang will then rocket upward pounding the chin of the unsuspecting female resulting in a explosive orgasm, drenching her neck and chest with cum in a splash-like manner; Not unlike a divingboard.
EX 1
Phil: "I can't get Heather to shut up. How do you deal with Amanda?"

Steve: "In desperate times I just give her The Dutch Divingboard. That'll shut her up."

EX 2
Heather: "Why are you talking so funny?"

Amanda: "That jackass, Steve, gave me a dutch divingboard earlier and I bit the shit out of my tongue."

by Blake Kahn August 07, 2008
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