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When a man precedes to get really drunk and have sex, in a closet, with a nasty girl while another guy is also doing the same girl at the same time and they share a condom!
Kayla: OMG!! Did you hear about Alan?
Sam: No what happened?
Kayla: Well this weekend he went to Jakes party and got smashed, then he had sex with Brook* Dunn (*first name has been changed, last is still the same hense "The Dunn")in a closet WHILE Alec was doing her too!!!
Sam: OMG SICK!!!!
Kayla: Oh yeah and they shared the same condom!!!
by Ms. Kay Kay January 31, 2008
Slang word for penis. To the ladies, anyway.
Yep, she's satisfied with The Dunn.
by Ryan Dunn October 30, 2004
When u can't or unable to cum, so when getting head u piss inside of your parthers mouth
OMFG did u just pull the dunn in my mouth!!

kill that nigga!
by Teddy July 13, 2004
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