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The Donyell Marshall is a sex act unparalleled in greatness. The act is performed as follows: A man, preferably NBA legend Donyell Marshall, engages in anal intercourse with a girl (Men, mammals, and certain birds are also accepted) while she sucks on the amputated leg of a midget or dwarf. During all of this, the male receives a rimjob from a purebred German Shepherd.
Dude I was Donyell Marshalling my girlfriend last night and it was all going great when all of a sudden the fuckin midget passed out from heat exhaustion. I wanted to keep going but my girlfriend aint gonna half ass (no pun intended) no Donyell Marshall…she is going big or going home. So I go out to replace the midget but it turns out a midget with an amputated leg isn’t as easy to come by as u would think. So I end up finding a male midget hooker and offer him an extra $4.33 to amputate his right leg. He accepts and we make our way back to our place. Well when we get back it turns out the German Shepherd wasn’t as purebread as we once thought. Turns out the mothafucka was rabid and ran away. So now I have anal rabies and im not gonna continue The Donyell Marshall if I'm not getting any butthole pleasures…who would? So I decapitate both midgets, throw them in a ditch, whammy my girlfriend and get some shut eye instead. Could have been worse right?
by phanns23 April 14, 2009
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