This is where you get a man to get on his hands and knees, stick your dick up his butt, then eat Arby's Natural Chicken Sandwiches on his back.
I went to Sean Penn's house yesterday and he preformed The Donald Trump on me.
by Welley Baba April 05, 2006
Top Definition
When a person is passed out you shave the middle of their head and jizz in their hair and combover the bald spot
When JJ passed out from drinking we gave him The Donald Trump
by Blood Massacre January 16, 2006
Needed: sweet lady friend
First put your sweet lady friend's (and/or your female cousin's) legs behind her head. While her legs are behind her head, sex it up. Make sure you deposit all your money in her vault, if you know what I mean. Then stick your face in her vagina. The lady has to squeeze her legs around your head and at the precise moment, she'll yell, "YOU'RE FIRED!" and then she'll queef and your investment will be returned tenfold all over your face.
Clitisha performed The Donald Trump all over Clint's face last night. It was a real messy one.
by Dwaney Dooleuty December 07, 2007
When a man ejaculates on a woman's face, then proceeds to throw a handful of diamonds at her, allowing her to keep only those that stick. Made famous by Donald's ex-wife Marla Maples in her autobiography "I did it for the Diamonds".
Guy 1: "What did you get your wife for your 20th anniversary?"
Guy 2: "I skipped the necklace and gave her the Donald"

The Donald Trump: "Get over here Marla, i just got back from the jeweler's, lets see how much you're worth!"
by Scottsdale Special February 14, 2011
When a women wipes her hair with her male partners ejaculate.
I blew my load all over my stomach and my girl put her hair in it and totally gave herself the Donald Trump.
by digitydev August 13, 2016
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