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The Dollyrots are a Pop/Punk band currently signed under Blackheart Records. The band members are:

Kelly Ogden- Vocals/Bass
Luis Cabezas- Guitar/Vocals
Chris Black- Drums
The Dollyrots are going to be on Warped Tour this summer, go check them out!
by Jaex June 27, 2007
12 1

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band music pop/punk apathetic fictional disease fun lazy pop punk
1. A disease that affects kids, and the symptoms are apathy, irritable bowels, corporate taste in clothing, and pierced nipples.

2. A pop/punk band signed under Blackheart Records.

1. My sister has the dollyrots so bad. She's being all lazy and rebellious for no reason.
2. The Dollyrots are awesome when they perform live!
by sereinfall September 17, 2007
7 4