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A forever prestigious award given to one who has shown TENACITY, GUMPTION, and REMAINED CURIOUS in times of great competition. Only the most tenacious, gumptious and curious individuals can recieve the award.

Presentation of the award is accompanied with surprise and confusion caused by flashing lights and the cheers of the prepared. The award is never the same, but is most often a delicious food object, or an object of little monetary value.

Presentation follows a pattern thusly:
*Andrew, the accomplice, flashes lights*

Jake: "DOGMA!!!! AHHHH"
*mass confusion and awe in the crowd of competitors*
Jake: "The Dogma Award this week goes to one who has shown TENACITY, GUMPTION, they REMAINED CURIOUS, and GOT what they GAVE! The prize this week is a NATURE VALLEY BAR taped to a NECTARINE!!!!"
*Jake proceeds to show off physical prize*
Jake: "The award goes to... Drew!!"
*Mass applause*
by NukeFalcon October 19, 2009

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