A lovable creature that believes in editing certain city landmarks via photoshop. He is extremely creative with a rather large head. He dwells between the caves of Scotland and New Zealand. He lives alone with a lot of cats.
That guy is so mentally weirdly creative he's the doctor.

Beware the guy with the cats hes the doctor.
by thenimmocat October 03, 2010
An epic prank master that uses riddles to give hints to the next pranks. Often strikes in groups of three pranks at a time. Seen wearing an overcoat and a domino mask.
Dude, The Doctor struck again. There's riddles all over the place!
by tightness April 13, 2009
another term that can be substituted for marijuana, dagga, dakka, herb, weed, greenery, giggle weed, love blossom, love bud, giggle bud, giggle blossom
Groove: Have you seen the doctor?
Sis: Yoh, and am on my way to the healin.
by Jack Weed November 23, 2006
The main character of the British TV series about time traveling protectors called DOCTOR WHO
The Doctor just left in the Tartus
by Syndrome March 25, 2005

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