When you blow into someone's asshole until you create enough air pressure to shoot a turd back into your mouth.
"So my girlfriend wanted me to try somethin new last night - The Dizzy Gillespie. That's black love!"

"I choked on Dizzy Gillespie!"

"Oh, HELL to tha naw!" - Whitney Houston
Top Definition
The Dizzy Gillespie is when a man is giving oral sex to a woman who farts. The rank fart rolls upward into his mouth distending his cheeks like he's blowing into a trumpet. Thus making him look like Dizzy Gillespie.
My best friend fell out when I told her my husband was pissed at me because after date night I was gassy and drunk and gave him The Dizzy Gillespie during his late night dessert.
by SCPEACH84 March 15, 2016
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