A quadriplegic prostitute who--after falling out of her wheelchair--engages in a recreation of "Two Girls One Cup."
"I was searching for lesbian double penetration pornography when I stumbled upon a video containing a Dirty Nugget."

"The Dirty Nugget appeared to be in high spirits when she was bukkaked by wave of shit."
#dirty #nugget #dirty nugget #bukkake #female
by BDNforLife May 02, 2010
Top Definition
The sexual act of using ones erect boner as a baseball bat to hit McDonalds Chicken McNuggets (this is very important that they be McDonalds Chicken McNuggets!) into a woman's open mouth. For every one missed she must shove the missed nugget up the ass and shit it out and then make another attempt until success. Repeat until the six piece is gone.
Yo, Nate, I took that bitch a six piece happy meal and gave that hoe The Dirty Nugget!
#nugget #sexual #position #woman #mouth #boner #ass #repeat #chicken
by DankyJoker June 11, 2013
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