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When a man engages in a menage a trois with 2 females and adorns a strap-on dildo backwards (so the dildo is coming out from his back/ass). The man procedes to have sex with both females simulataneously, as he gyrates forward and backwards, both females are stimulated by the single male.
1. Ben: Dude, did you hear that Chris did the Dirty Branson last night?

Dan: Yeah man, but my question is this? Why does he own a strap-on?

2. Vanessa: I want to partake in a threesome, but I feel like most guys don't have the ability to keep both girls satisfied.

Hannah: Why don't you just convince the guy to do the Dirty Branson?
#strap-on #threesome #menage-a-trois #angry dragon #angry pirate #anal #blowjob #bukkake #rusty trombone #dirty sanchez #tony danza #danza slap #golden shower #cleveland steamer #hot carl
by RPotter December 12, 2006
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