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One of the longest lasting US punk bands today. Formed in the San Fernando Valley, CA. The Dickies sing about Southern Californian life. This band was heavly influenced by The Ramones. The Dickies have a very bouncy sound thats fun to listen to.
Stukas over Disney Land is a fun song about the theory of Walt Disney being a nazi.
by ian w. June 15, 2005
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The definition of the word, 'The Dicky' - a cheeky, less offensive way of saying fucked or nailed or screwed. When referring to 'The Dicky' it always delivers the impact on the situation in a light hearted way. Never to be said when someone is moaning or anrgy, brings a whole new meaning to the word!!
Guy 1: What you doing tonight bud??
Guy 2: Just going to grab some food with the misses, go home, watch a movie....I might give her 'The Dicky' if she's lucky ;)

Girl: Oh your such a lovely guy and so polite
Guy: Hey with words like that you might be getting 'The Dicky' later ;)
by Ollyb July 01, 2013
A band that likes to think that they influenced everyone in the genre of punk, but actually were just a Ramones rip-off band. They play the "It shoulda been us" card. But as Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day put it "Fuck you. It's not you. It will never be you. You'll never write a good song for the rest of your life." Which is plenty true folks.
Man, we started our punk band, then a week later they're acting the fuckin' Dickies on us. Little fuckin' rip-off "punks''!
by Zak January 22, 2004

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