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Specifically, a reference to Aishah Azmi the muslim school teacher suspended for refusing to remove her veil in front of the children she was teaching. (She later lost her claims of discrimination and harassment).

Female muslims wearing black, burkha style, religious garb, replete with face veil, have a tendency to remind older generations of British people of "Daleks", an arch enemy of Dr. Who, a popular children's science fiction TV programme.

Daleks were short, cylindrical, metal "aliens", who adopted their "costumes" to hide their terrible deformities and allow them to function. Their flesh was not visible, one could only hear their voice emanating from within.
a: I heard the Dewsbury Dalek lost her case of discrimination.

b. Damn right mate, finally the politicians are following the publics lead, even Ken Livingstone spoke out about the muslim women's face veils and their Dalek image.
by StephenJH October 20, 2006
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