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The greatest rock band out of Menifee, CA, ever. Usually compared to Led Zeppelin, Captain Crunch cereal, and a really good rum and coke. Formed from previous bands sounding like a cat on fire attacking a mans genitals. Now, universally agreed to sound like the logical progression of events from the formerly mentioned; A smoldering cat walking away from a mans shattered genitals, and lighting up a cigarette whilst rose pedals rain from the heavens causing convulsions of ecstasy for all they touch, besides the smoking cat... The band name origin is debated, but is thought to be a reference to one of the following; marlboro reds, spartan soldiers, pirates, cowboys, etc.
Have you heard The Deadly Reds new song? It'll make you crap your pants!
by Bri Bri Del Muerte May 26, 2007
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