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A neanderthol who has managed to escape evolution into a modern man. Usual characteristics are crazy un-combed hair as well as pubic hair groth from the age of 6 years of age. The Daz is also considered a very unintelligent species and often finds it hard to make sence of sentences therefore getting words mixed up. A Daz's favorite past time would include downing a whole bottle of Jack Daniel's and exposing his naked penis to all around as well as violently attacking his friends and abusing NHS paramedics usually using a phrase such as 'get out of my house u f*#@king b*#ch!'

Overall a Daz is a resonably sedate species who makes friends easily and just as easily looses it's temper. Because of this they are usually the butt of a lot of jokes but usually take it in good spirit.
The many sayings of The Daz:

'F#*ken hell did you see them two planes??? The first one was flying!!!'

'Cheese burger with Cheese please'

'Day ticket into town please'
by Scrot Rot April 25, 2007
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