When you are having sex with a girl from the back and you let your friend slide in without her knowing and then you run around to the window and wave at her
I was hitting this girl from the back then me and John did The David Blaine on her ass.
#the daivd blaine #david blane #the david blane #david #blaine
by LadyRed10 September 30, 2010
Top Definition
When your getting a girl from behind and you let your friend take your place without her knowing, you run outside and knock on the window and wave to her yelling Wahlah!
I was with her the other night and we pulled The David Blaine on her, it was priceless!
#david blaine #magic #dissapearing act #wahlah #mongoose
by Soccer Kid12 June 20, 2010
You get head from a girl (or guy) and pretend that you came. Act like your load disappeared and you can't find it. Tell her (or him) to look for it. When she (or he) looks near you.. bust in her (or his) face.
We were fooling around and i pulled the david blaine on that ho.
#the king kong #the kentucky derby #boston pancake #sex #penis #vagina #blumpkin #marley delight #kimbo extraveganza
by boss ton pan cake January 12, 2009
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