i have never heard of them
like i never heard of them
by eeh March 15, 2005
A queen tribute band that happens to play their own songs.

Music listeners who are young and/or fans of shitty music (pop/mainstream hip-hop/most current mainstream rock) tend to believe that the band and its spandex wearing, innuendo loving, high vocal ranged frontman are crazy and original.
Sorry kids, but that concept was pioneered by the likes of Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant, and perfected by Freddie Mercury.
And the difference between those 3 and Justin Hawkins is that they all have world class voices... and he does not. Not to mention the lyrics they sang were much more deep and meaningful.

Oh yea, and all 3 of their bands (The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, respectively) had bassists, drummers and guitarists far superior to those of this band.
Go listen to some real classic rock... none of this revival crap
by Josh Kwolek February 27, 2005
Dire 'Queen' tribute band consisting of a few shrewd businessmen who realised they could fleece stupid little rocker-wannabe children out of their hard earned pennies by dressing like retro twats and generally being nothing more than fucked-up Queen clones, masquerading as something 'different'. Pfft.
'The Darkness are contributing fuck all to the modern music scene and are getting filthy rich out of it - why didn't I think of that?'
'Real music fans chuckle at idiocy of The Darkness and piss themselves with laughter at the fans'
by Mr Gognitti March 18, 2004
A bunch of Queen wannabees (who I have got absolutely nothing against) with a bunch of annoying fans who dosen't know the definition of selling out and have the absolute nerve of comparing the band themselves with teenyboppers who were meant for children, forgetting that was the kind of music they would have listened to at their age. They also complain about the lack of quality of music now even they are 20 years old and had being listening to Take That, Backstreet Boys, East 17, Peter Andre 10 years before
The Darkness fans, aren't they a bunch of pretentious t**ts, don't they need a good punch in the face?
by Al Anon May 23, 2005
Proof that fame does not imply talent.
The Darkness swept like a plague over American soil and saturated the land like so many pesticides.
by Kebo April 25, 2004
sell-outs with a vocalist/guitarist that thinks he's all that. everyone says he's brilliant but if you want a real guitarist listen to John Petrucci or a proper musician you sad wannabe moshers have probably never even heard of.
To the Darkness : Who the fuck do you think you are? Rory Gallagher???
To the Darkness fans : What do you think Yngwie Malmsteen is? A breakfast cereal?
by Mel March 09, 2004
Comedy rock band who are not getting anymore laughs and who should now disappear only to reappear in the series 'I Love...2003'.

Stuart Maconie'Do you remember the Darkness? I thought they were right funny until I heard that they were for real'
Jonathan Ross 'Oh yeah the Darkness. I wheely thoght they were qween, but a bit mowe qweer. They wheely were bwad'
Some other 'celebrity' - I loved the Darkness and always listened to them at home. My friends stopped calling though'

THE DARKNESS - Just say no.
'I'm dressing up as the Darkness this Halloween'

'Then you, my friend, are a twat'
by David Icke August 10, 2004

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