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Followers of popular British rock band The Darkness, The Darklings is a collective phrase for more than one darkling
"I'm going to go to Lowestoft for a get together with The Darklings"
by dark-darkling05 October 15, 2005
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Those who follow The Darkness. They are not strictly those who retreat into depression or like all things black. I would say the darklings are for the most part a happy bunch, so happy, in fact, that they enjoy the company of those who do have one color palette.
Ted says he became a darkling by accident one day, when raking leaves. A sudden whim came over him to split-jump over the leaf pile. He did, and, staring into the mustard-colored yellow leaves he saw that he, like the little maple leaf, was now part of a bigger thing. "the darklings!" he whispered, face towards the sky, "the darklings!"
by smantha May 27, 2004

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