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This is sometimes proceeds The Tony Danza. While your bitch is knocked unconscious from a near fatal blow to the skull, you collect the semen that has now leaked out of her butt-hole. Go into the kitchen and proceed to cook up a delicious soup such as cream of mushroom or some type of creamy soup. During the cooking process, add the semen that has seeped from your parters anus to the soup. When your partner comes-to, present her with dinner, apologizing for the vicious donkey punch to the face. Little will she know that she is eating the man sauce that has mixed with her dirty anal feces. This meal is known as "The Danza Special" Enjoy! (This is often served with herbal tea and crackers)
I felt so bad for almost killing my girlfriend that I cooked her The Danza Special.
by AsEmpiresBurn April 29, 2008
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