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An impossibly perfect situation, resulting in a win-win scenario. This is can be done when confronted with a claim that some triumph was attained. The agonist uses aggressive verbal abuse to discredit any claims or statements of self-worth from the other party. The Dania requires establishing to the victim that they were never capable of gaining the achievement, or that gaining it is merely a representation of their own shitty existence. Upon ascertaining dominance and superiority, extra measures would then be taken to either inflict more harm or to ensure the inflicted damage persists.
Person 1: My high score in Triple town is over 9000!
Person 2: So what. That's stupid. Triple town is stupid and your stupid.
Person 1: .....
Person 2: And I beat your high score anyway.
'The Dania'
by ThisDudeGuy April 15, 2013

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