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Slang for the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournement
Do you think that UTEP will make it to the dance?

No, they lost 6 of their last 7
by Gods2ndBestGift March 14, 2010
When you are at work and you have to shit extremely bad, you start doing a little dance to keep it from coming out. This is known as "the dance"
"Dude, I was the only manager at work today so I couldn't go to the bathroom, I was doing the dance!"

"Man, I had to close the shop today because I was doing the dance so hard. Once I got to the bathroom I force-fed that toilet"
by J Rizzy August 09, 2008
term used for meth by meth users in norcal.
tim: yo, you wanna do the dance tonight?
jim: nah fool you trippin.
by tellyeyemloco January 02, 2010