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Commonly referred as TDO, it is a highly underappreciated and undertrafficked brony news site. If one were to join their Skype newsroom, it has been said that Enlightenment is guaranteed. Those who ever associate with said newsroom members have exhibited signs of extreme ecstasy, either foaming at the mouth with a large boner, or simply ejaculating on the spot.

The origins of the site and news team has been tracked to Ponychan's /oat/ board, but it is still unknown as to where they actually came from.
Nicholas Cage: So, I was on the set of National Treasure 21: The Eagle's Asshole of Gold, when I came across this site. . . .

Morgan Freeman: Oh? And what, pray tell, was that site?

Nicholas Cage: It is not exactly known to the world, but—

2 Chainz: Yo dawgs, what's up?

Morgan Freeman: Mr. 2 Chainz, my friend! Please, have a seat. Nick here was just telling me about this site.

2 Chainz: Do it have kick ass beats on it?

Nicholas Cage: No, but I have never been more happy in my life. The name of the site is The Daily Oat, and it does brony news. But here is where things get interesting . . .

<Conversation Redacted Due To Unimaginable Amounts Of Semen>
by JustAnotherTimeLord July 29, 2013
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