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when you rub a girls vagina like a dj scratches the turntable
im gonna do the dj on my girlfriend tonight
by thuggy23 June 11, 2009
Definitely a one of a kind individual. Has a huge heart but will not take crap from people who think they "kick ass". Tends to look alittle more negative then positive, therefor some decisions are not always the right ones. The DJ is truely your best friend or someone you hate. When meeting The DJ you best be on your toes cause he is alittle wild. Things can go from dull to dance time in a second. the DJ is a very well rounded individual.
Man, The DJ is the real deal. He is a wild one.
by William Williamston April 16, 2010
'the' dj refers to a particular dj which u love and think all his tunes are awesome
person 1:that dj was awesome last nite
person 2:ye he was the dj
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