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Terminology for Mcdonalds
Man 1: Hey man want to go to the D's with me?

Man 2: What the fuck is The D's?

by maybepossiblyperhapsfaggot September 08, 2010
A redinkydonk way to refer to McDonalds.
Yo so, your shirt looks amazing, lets go to the ds", "Dinner Tonight, I was thinking the ds
by NexSolo August 22, 2010
A place that is very cold. Also very hard to keep peace in.
It's so cold in the D...
How da fuck do we posta keep peace?
by Colin_Brooklyn March 19, 2012
Tenacious D, the best band in the universe
Tenacious D Rocks!
by fatguy January 10, 2003
an uptown hood never tah b fucked wit buhhd
If you aint from the D, Dont hop off tha 24 bus bluhd
by ma piztol is nickel plated February 15, 2008
Also known as: JMC, the Knuck, the Duck, the Duck Sire, little man, the baby, the knucklett, the ducklett, the weina!

A small boy who will always resemble a duck and has a pentagon face, and hasn't aged a bit since his infant years, yet is an old sire.
Me: "Look over there, on the horizon! Is that the d I See?

Myself: "Yeah, let's go stare at his duckishness."

and I: "No! Let's go cute that little boy!"
by Tha knuck is a duck! November 01, 2004
The notoriously violent Dufferin Housing project in the North side of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
I think the above is self explanitory
by Staggar Lee November 13, 2003