An uncontrollable urge to defecate. (Syn. the hershey squirts)
"I just released a hellish urine-like stream of brown refuse from my colon."
"You must have the Ds
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
Terminology for Mcdonalds
Man 1: Hey man want to go to the D's with me?

Man 2: What the fuck is The D's?

by maybepossiblyperhapsfaggot September 08, 2010
A place that is very cold. Also very hard to keep peace in.
It's so cold in the D...
How da fuck do we posta keep peace?
by Colin_Brooklyn March 19, 2012
Tenacious D, the best band in the universe
Tenacious D Rocks!
by fatguy January 10, 2003
an uptown hood never tah b fucked wit buhhd
If you aint from the D, Dont hop off tha 24 bus bluhd
by ma piztol is nickel plated February 15, 2008
Anyone who is called "The D" is amazing. The D is a pronoun for someone you think is awesome. The only true "the D" lives in Hazlet, New Jersey, and currently attends Rowan.
Hi, I'm the D.

Oh baby, i cant wait to see the D!
by john botch September 26, 2006
Also known as: JMC, the Knuck, the Duck, the Duck Sire, little man, the baby, the knucklett, the ducklett, the weina!

A small boy who will always resemble a duck and has a pentagon face, and hasn't aged a bit since his infant years, yet is an old sire.
Me: "Look over there, on the horizon! Is that the d I See?

Myself: "Yeah, let's go stare at his duckishness."

and I: "No! Let's go cute that little boy!"
by Tha knuck is a duck! November 01, 2004

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