A group of friends who are there for each other day in & day out. The Crew is all about keeping their figures through the roof and they always have each others back no matter what. The last thing to remember is The Crew has no limitations, because the sky is the limit.
We are The Crew and we make life worth living.
by Mr. Crew October 26, 2011
1. The most popular diarist since the year 2000 on many diary sites, including, but not limited to: Bloopdiary.com, LiveJournal.com, and OpenDiary.com. (Accurate statistics prior to this time period are unavailable.)
-noun, slang
1. A term used to describe any mother who raises her children in the difficult-to-grasp principle of "fun."
2. A term used to describe any woman with DID who is also married and has a family with a minimum of 5 children.
3. A term used to describe any woman with DID who has a family, the members of which regularly add to the family by adopting, formally or informally, various species of animals and/or other creatures. In the true original usage of this form, there is no limit to the type or number of species regularly added to the family.
"The Crew could not have us over for dinner tonight, because there was no room in their house."
by You'll Never Guess Who April 15, 2008
a bunch of slutty skanks, who seem to think theyre better than everyone else. but theyre obviously not. they think everyone loves them and that boys want them when theyre really making up names about them, behind their backs.
i aint allowed to name names, so The Crew are The Crew.
by OME09 October 16, 2009

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