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That one friend one likes that does the following...
- Resembles the creature named Smeagol
- Stays silent the whole time when he is with silent that you won't even know until he does the CREATURE SCREEEH (will be defined next)
- Creature Screech = the sound it makes when its circle jacking, mad, happy, any other emotion and sounds like a mix a jackal being raped by elephant and a lil gurl screaming
- Plays xbox live only to play gay music, say nothing, and pretend to be a hard nigga in front of his few friends
- Has a Creature Cave
- Can't bench more than the bar ITSELF
- Cusses like a PUSSY ASS PUNK BITCH FUCKER that got neutered to prevent the spread of Creatureism
- Weighs less than 90lbs
- Circle jacks himself to sleep every night + ask anyone near him to join him in it
- You will Nickelback or Creed when he is near
None can be given about The Creature aka Smeagol. Last time it was nearly hunted to extinction . At least one must present to serve as example of what to avoid becoming.
by Reverend Gucci August 08, 2012
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