The term given to the writing style of any loosely-cobbled and poorly-researched list article that has been run through an algorithm of bland jokes to ensure that it hits the maximum number of search keywords to attract the lowest common denominator and thereby raise immense advertising revenue for very little effort.
That comedian was terrible. Someone should tell him to quit talking in the Cracked Voice. Only twelve-year-olds think that's funny.
by twenty-seven December 17, 2010
Top Definition
- n.

1. The burlesque yet cosmopolitan literary style of, "America's Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958".

2. Sarcasm of the highest art.

3. If Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker had a son named Freddie Mercury.
"I always picture the cracked voice coming from an awesome dude."

"I have a chemistry teacher who speaks PERFECTLY in the Cracked voice--minus swears."

"Why the fuck should you care? Oh yeah, because I said so."
by Jacopo January 06, 2010
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