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Vancouver, WA a suburb of Portland, OR. "The Couve" is a town in SW Washington State. It's main activity is party hopping from one lame house to another before finally settling on the one with most amount of common-known people. It's main import is marijuana while it's main export is bar-flys. It has one mall, tons of good weed, tons of pill-poppers and lots of chicks who put out.
We went to this party in Portland last night...it was so fucking gay! We ended up packing back to The Couve and I got with Sandy ********.
by JJPasadena February 09, 2005
Originally named Vancouver, early settlers quickly renamed area to Tha Couve, which literally translates "The Cave" or "The Dark Place" This refers to a large cave where all girls reside in Vancouver year round, only coming out for the 5 sunny days in august to aimlessly cruise mill plain.
"Hey, where are all the girls?"
"This is tha couv, we got another 9 months until they arise from their slumber"
by OnlyComeHereDrunk November 07, 2003
Slang for the town of Vancouver, located in Washington. Note: Do not confuse with Vancouver in canada, they are the "La Couve." Canucks.
Chillin in the Couve tonight, at Shari's/Denny's.
by parkman47 November 13, 2002
The only city that's a suburb of P-town (portland, OR), but in washington. couve killa's are from The Couve, and anyone who's anyone refers to Vancouver as "The/Da Couve." When asked in a game of "outburst" for nicknames of cities, what was said first? oh yeah, "The Couve," cuz that's how we rock it.
The Couve would seem technical if it wasn't P-town's baby.
by macustud January 14, 2004