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The most dope ass hip hop duo ever! It consists of Mikey Rocks who is from Chicago and Chuck Inglish who is from Detroit. They Dress like fucking ballers and are the shit. Their first big song, Black Mags, is a song about there bike that was first featured on a Rhapsody commercial. It is amazing.
"The Cool Kids are the shit!"
"Yeah dude I would hit that if I was a woman"
by Chippermonkey January 20, 2008
Characteristics of "the cool kids": have an ongoing quote wall, know their hogwarts house, are awesome at chair races, friendly, accepting, most people are jealous of them.
The cool kids are the people at Berkeley that study at Firs Pres and go to yogurt park late at night.

You know that kid Chris? I head he's going to get yogurt tonight. He's one of the cool kids.
by iwannabecool May 13, 2010
Obnoxious, rude and generally not wanted person. Ya know the one who either does something or says something dumb.
"Who brought the cool kid?"
by wickedMA February 06, 2004
tight pants wearing rappers who are mediocre at best but make good party music and have a huge following of "underground" fans and collection of both nut-strangling jeans and jordan Vs.
"I love the Cool Kids! Their pants are amazing!"
"You have a vagina, right?
by cooler kid April 13, 2008
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